H-3 Visa for Trainees

H-3 visa is issued to aliens who come to the U.S. to receive instruction and training in established training programs. To qualify for this visa category, the following requirements must be met: the training program must not be designed primarily to provide productive employment; the proposed training not available in the alien’s home country; beneficiary will not be placed in a position in which citizen and resident workers are regularly employed; no productive employment unless it is incidental and necessary to the training and pursing a career outside the U.S.; and the training will benefit the beneficiary in pursing a career outside the U.S.

Terms of Stay in the U.S. and Extension. H-3 visa is granted for the length of the training program, but can be extended up to a total of two years. If training is conducted for two years in the U.S., the alien cannot extend, change of status, or to be readmitted with H-3 visa unless s/he remains outside the U.S. for six months.

Family Members (spouse/children). They can accompany or follow to join the H-3 trainee with a H-4 visa. They cannot work without authorization.